International Journal of Machine Design and Manufacturing

International journal of machine design and manufacturing is a peer-reviewed journal with raison d’être to promote advances in manufacturing and machine design division, manufacturing of machines, machine tools, information in system design, intelligence and precision equipment division. The journal disseminates research that imparts theoretical grounding and practical application of the idea presented in the paper. As a general criterion for the publication of paper in the journal is its emphasis on the practical application and constructive aspect of the idea.


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Vol 3, No 2 (2017)

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Table of Contents


Design and Modelling of Go-Kart PDF
Nilay Sharma, Avinash Singh, Naman Kumar 1-9
Design and Fabrication of Canal Turbine with the Use of different Design Parts PDF
Arish Chauhan, Sanjay Kumar Yadav, Rishabh Kumar Sharma, Aman Singh, Ankit Nautiyal 10-13
Study of the Electrode Wear Rate (EWR) Using Main Effect Plots in Dielectric Discharge Machining PDF
Vishal Pathania 14-17
Experimental Analysis on Roller Chain That Transfers Power From the Pedals to the Drive-Wheel in Automatic Drain Cleaner PDF
Abhishek Kumar 18-22
Study on Microcontroller AT89S52 Used for Door Lock System PDF
Rishi Sharma, Poonam Sharma 23-27