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Gaurav Prakash, Rajeev Kumar, Avinash Kumar, Prabhat Kumar


The aim of our project is to generate free energy using flywheel. An alternator's shaft spins more than twice as fast thanks to a sequence of belt and pulley drives that are powered by a mains motor with a two horsepower capacity. It's interesting how this system works because more electrical output power can be acquired from the alternator's output than seems to be needed from the input motor. The assistance of Flywheel is used for this.

The solar panels on the roof of the Sunshine is a free and environmentally beneficial renewable energy source that doesn't run out. The quantity of solar energy that enters the earth every hour is sufficient to supply all of the energy needed for a year. In the modern period, we required electricity constantly. This solar energy is produced for use in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. It is simple to collect energy from direct sunshine. As a result, it is incredibly effective and does not pollute the environment. In this post, we analysed solar energy derived from sunlight and talked about its potential and current trends. The page also aims to discuss how solar panels function, different types of solar panels, and different uses and strategies for promoting solar energy's advantages. The Sunshine's solar panels are a free, environmentally friendly, and infinitely renewable energy source. All the energy required for a year is possible with solar energy that reaches the earth every hour. We had a constant need for electricity in the modern era. The purpose derived from solar energy produced is for use in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Energy can be easily extracted from direct sunlight. The outcome, it is very effective and does not contaminate the environment. In this article, we examined solar energy, which is created from sunshine, and discussed its potential and recent developments. Also, the website seeks to discuss the various types, purposes, and operations of solar panels.


Motor, Flywheel, Alternator, Bearings, Shafts, Pulleys, Belts.

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