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Implementation of Product Lifecycle Management in Small Scale Foundry in the Area of Manufacturing Process Management: A Case Study

Vijaykumar H. K., M. S. Uppin


The foundry industry, small to medium sized industries, has the obscurity of implementing enhancements in its interior logistics scheme, and, it has to deal with the troubles arising in the company. The product lifecycle management is seen as main infiltrate route and is widely used by major industries all over the world. The product lifecycle management is distinguished as a part of manufacturing system that is concentrating in continuous flow within supply chain by removing all wastes and affecting unremitting development towards product excellence. This paper deals with the manufacturing process management that can be used in small scale foundry by finding the problems existing in these processes and implementing the various product lifecycle management tools and analyzing the results of a case study.


small scale foundry, implementing, problems existing, manufacturing process management

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