Diesel Engine Combustion and Emission Characteristics Study, Taking into Account the Potential of Biogas Substitution for the Purpose of Enhancing Environmental Cleanliness and Promoting Health

M.S Baranedharan, Ashis Acharjee


Necessity for alternative fuels arises from the escalating energy requirements and the detrimental effects of fossil fuel emissions on environmental well-being. Alternative fuels have been extensively researched to improve energy efficiency. A study examines how alternative fuel affects compression ignition (CI) engine performance, pollution, and combustion. Biogas is investigated as a diesel engine fuel substitute in this study using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Upon doing a thorough examination of the existing studies, it can be concluded that biogas exhibits promising potential as a viable alternative to diesel engines. The process involved the conversion of diesel engines of moderate size to operate on biogas. The engine underwent comprehensive testing in many situations and was afterwards compared to a diesel-only engine. Biogas engines performed similarly to diesel engines in middle speed and high torque. The biogas engine exhibited inferior performance compared to the diesel engine when operating at higher velocities and lower levels of torque. The attainment of precision is accomplished through the utilization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for the purposes of conducting combustion and emission assessments. In the context of combustion, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) investigations have revealed the presence of a stable flow characteristic in layer formation systems, which has been found to enhance the accuracy of simulations.



Alternative fuel, energy demand, environmental pollution, biogas, CI engine, CFD analysis

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37628/ijicegt.v9i1.1577


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