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Metals and its metallic properties

Shubhaseesh Srivastava


Metals are organic components of the earth's crust, where they are typically found as metal ores and are linked to numerous other elements as well as each other. Additionally, they exist naturally in dust from the atmosphere and in the rocks that have been washed by groundwater and surface water. Metals are substances that develop naturally beneath the Earth's surface. Most metals are glossy or shiny. Metals are made up of materials that have never been alive because they are inorganic. They are widely employed in the production of machinery for the industrial, agricultural, and automotive sectors, including vehicles for roads, trains, rockets, and other forms of transportation The three metals that are utilised here the most frequently are steel, aluminium, and iron. Metals are often extremely robust, strong, and highly resistant to normal wear and tear. They have thus been used for a variety of purposes since the beginning of time. The uses of metals have also greatly expanded even today thanks to technological and other advancements. Metals even have a major part in the economy.


: ferrous and non-ferrous, component deformation/original length, Fatigue Strength, Plasticity, Resilience

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