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Design and Prototype of an Autonomous Car using Image Processing

Dinesh Burande, Samarjeet G. Chavan, Rohit K. Jagadale, Aryan D. Gokhale, Sushant S. Patil


The goal of the project is to construct a working model of an autonomous vehicle. The car will receive the essential information from the outside world through the use of an HD camera for image processing. The car can drive itself safely and intelligently to the specified location, reducing the possibility of human error. Numerous currently used methods, like object and lane identification, are combined to offer the car the necessary control. They will test the vehicle object detection using a yellow cheerful ball, and as it advances, we hope to add traffic sign detection. In order to operate on a specific road condition, the car will automatically provide steering recommendations for lane detection. In this way with the help of advanced technology the car can achieve object detection and lane detection autonomously.


Autonomous car, Object detection, Lane detection, Machine learning, Image processing, Steering prediction, Raspberry Pi, Prototype, Artificial Intelligence.

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