Electroforming Technology for Advanced Metal Fabrication

T R Vijayaram


Electroforming technology is a highly specialized process for fabricating a metal part by electro deposition in a plating bath over a base form or mandrel which is subsequently removed. On a mandrel, also known as a mold or matrix, which is removed, metal is electrodeposited. As a result, the coating turns into the product. Intricate parts made of nickel, copper, gold, and silver, such as molds, dies, waveguides, nozzles, and bellows, are best produced using the electroforming process. The paper examines electroforming equipment, materials, and their interactions and emphasizes the post-processing steps and subtle surface finishing techniques that are necessary to achieve superior mechanical properties. By examining actual case studies, the study highlights how electroforming can be successfully incorporated into a variety of industries and highlights how it can be used to create precise components with complex geometries. The process description, benefits, and main engineering applications of electroforming technology are covered in this article. This review paper discusses the electroforming process description, benefits, advantages, comparison with other fabrication methods, and its applications.



Electroforming, Technology, Fabrication, Metal, Manufacturing


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