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Design and fabrication of Garbage Cleaner Vehicle

V.M. Bansode, Dhiraj Kute, Sanket Shinde, Omkar Kangude, Rohit Jangid


The development and construction of a partially automatic electronic rubbish collecting bot vehicles is the subject of the aforementioned study proposal.. The job was completed in light with the existing state of our storage areas, they are filthy with garbage, pollution, and dangerous chemicals. This machine's design to clean the surface of the waste was based on that. To supply the products more quickly, nearly every step of manufacturing is digitised. Mass manufacturing heavily relies on robots. In the current project, we created a remotely managed field cleansing device. The main goal of this research project is to reduce the amount of labour and time needed to clear the ground. With the use of a motor and chain drive setup, we automated the ground cleaning process for this research project. Here, the cleaning machine is controlled by an RF transmitter and receiver. Automation employs technologies like computers, hydraulics, robots, and pneumatics. Pneumatics, a low-cost automation method, is one of these sources


Robot Vehicle, Cleaning Machines, Plastics, Automation,3 Model

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