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Electronic Seed Drill Machine

A.V. Bhosale, Tanmay P. Bayaskar, Prajwal S. Iratkar, Shivaji S. Godse, Yash R. Banda


Our Electronic Seed Drill Machine will help to accurately sow seeds in the correct position and help to avoid wastage of seeds. This machine will be useful for both rabi and kharif crops sowing. A plan to mulch these areas with dirt, this takes place at a regulated depth and tempo. In most cases, the earth covers the seeds after they have been sown at the proper level and rate. By doing this, they are prevented from getting eaten via birds and other animals or from drying out due to sun damage. A microcontroller will be used for analytical tasks, and a direct current (DC) generator will be used to sow seedlings exactly.


Seed, Sowing, Planting, Seedbox, agriculture, DC motor, arduino

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