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Characterization and Mechanical Properties of LM25-SiC Composites

Vijay Kashimatt M. G, Hemanth Kymar C.


Aluminium MMCs have excellent properties due to this they have been used widely. The LM25 can be used in Connecting rods, engine blocks and engine head. The interest in microparticles as reinforcement for Aluminium (Al) has been growing considerably due to excellent properties they possess. Efforts have been largely focused on investigating their contribution to the enhancement of the mechanical performance of the composites. The research work is carried out in the field of microparticles as reinforcements for Aluminium Matrix Composites (AMCs) to explore the possible usage to the maximum extent. In this study, Al based SiC reinforced composite materials were manufactured by stir casting. Mechanical properties were investigated. The effects of reinforcement materials on mechanical properties were investigated. In addition to that microstructures of these materials were investigated by optical microscope. Mechanical properties significantly improved by the use of SiC particle reinforced into LM25 alloy.


Aluminium matrix, reinforcement, composites, metal matrix composites, microparticles, stir casting, microstructure, hardness, ultimate tensile strength, compression strength

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