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Solar Thermal Collector Materials – A review

Megha Tripathi, Piyush Singh Chauhan, Amrendra Kumar Amar, Sunil Kumar Tiwari


Thermal energy from solar thermal systems can be used for various processes i.e. low-grade thermal applications, high-temperature heating applications and also for preheating which save a significant amount of fuel. This paper focuses to analyse the three types of solar thermal collectors (flat plate, line focusing and point focusing), their developments and contributions in the field of solar thermal collectors with an emphasis on the material heat transfer characteristics and solar materials manufacturing challenges. Moreover, it gives detailed information about the types of materials that are used in the coating of solar thermal collectors and their selection as per application requirements. The material proper selection leads to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of thermal solar collectors, users satisfaction and life period of solar collectors.


material coating; solar collectors; solar collector applications; solar material characteristics

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