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A Review Study on Combustion Investigation of Diesel Fuel Blends with Biodiesels

Abhijeet Sinha, Ankita Sharma


Frequent depletion of petroleum fuels and their demand lead man to search for alternative fuels. At present, the world is deeply dependent on petroleum fuels and this result in a major drain of our foreign exchange recourses. Diesel engines are the most efficient source of power available today. Hence, they are used for commercial transportation, agriculture and industrial power plants. The consumption of diesel is several times higher than the petrol. Moreover, the exhaust gases of these engines will cause considerable environmental pollution too. Vegetable oils are promising alternatives to diesel since their properties are very close. They are renewable and can be very easily produced in rural areas. In the present context of fossil fuel crisis, the importance of alternative fuel research for the internal engines needs no emphasis. Vegetable oils can be used as an alternative to diesel since their properties are very close to diesel fuel. They are also renewable. In the present work, a comparative study on the basis of mathematical model experiments has been carried out to assess the suitability of biodiesels (Canola Oil) and Kerosene as fuels in a diesel engine. Current investigations revealed that the performances of fuels (canola oil, kerosene) oil are very close to diesel. Experiments can be on the basis of experimental setup or can be on the basis of mathematical model with the help of MATLAB software. Blends of canola oil, kerosene and diesel are at different proportions are being tested.

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