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Study of CORELAP Algorithm: A Constructive Type Layout Programme

Bedanta Sekhar Saikia


Since the productivity of every organization depends on the successful arrangement of tasks and activities, it is thereby very much essential to carry out the layout in such a manner that maximizes productivity. The objective of facility layout planning is to achieve the lower work-in-process inventory, lower material handling, and production cost. The most widely used techniques for facility design is Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) by Richard Muther. Other techniques considered for solving the layout problems is computerized which has been divided into two major types: Construction type and Improvement type. CORELAP, ALDEP, PLANET, etc. are some of the construction type layout programme that is used nowadays and among the improvement type programme CRAFT, COFAD, EXCHANGE, etc. are used. In this study CORELAP of constructive type has been elaborately discussed with the help of an example to validate its result.

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