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Fabrication and Analysis of Hybrid Power Ramp

G. Sujaykumar, Rakshith ., Gururaj B.S., Raghavendra B.K., Tejus D. Jain, Shishira .


Nowadays energy is one among the most important issues in the world. Especially in India scarcity of energy is a big problem. Renewable energy sources can be a great medium to solve this energy crisis. It is obvious that natural resources are going to end up one day. To introduce substitute energy sources from nature research are going. The alternative energy source must be green and not harmful for the environment. The capturing of minute amounts of energy from one or more of the surrounding energy sources is known as energy harvesting. The energy harvesting technology has been already started in the form of windmill, geothermal and solar energy. Due to increasing life style of the human beings’, - vehicles on the earth keep on increasing and also consumption of energy is more. Traffic in the major city increasing so we can extract the energy from huge traffic density. In this project we can extract energy from hybrid power ramp. That involves Ramp mechanism, roller mechanism and piezoelectric mechanism. By using speed breakers the kinetic energy associated with the moving vehicle can be transformed into mechanical energy. This can be done by using rack and pinion mechanism. Then, this mechanical energy can be transformed to electrical energy using generator or dynamo which can be stored with the use of a battery. In the roller, mechanism conversion from mechanical energy to electrical energy by using the vehicle weight and motion. The method shows the possibility of tapping wasted energy in the road rollers. Wasted energy can be converted to electrical energy. In the piezoelectric mechanism, piezoelectric materials in order to collect the energy from waste mechanical stress for generating and accumulating the energy.


Speed breaker mechanism; Roller mechanism; piezoelectric mechanism; hybrid power ramp

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G. Sujaykumar, Rakshith, Gururaj B.S., Raghavendra B.K., Tejus D. Jain, Shishira. Fabrication and Analysis of Hybrid Power Ramp. International Journal of Electro Mechanics and Mechanical Behaviour. 2019; 1(1): 13–18p.


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