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Investigation on Mechanical Behaviour of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite Reinforced with Red Mud Particulates

M. V. Shanmugam, S. V. Arun, G. Vivek Kumar, R.I. Yogesh Kumaran


In this study, the metal matrix composite (MMC) of an aluminium is used. The mechanical behaviour of MMCs prepared using Al6061 alloy as matrix and red mud as reinforcement particle is studied. The stir casting process is used to fabricate the composites by varying volume fractions of red mud (4%, 7%, and 10% volume fractions). The mechanical properties such as the tensile strength, compressive strength, and hardness are found. The combined effect of reinforcement on aluminium MMCs with individual and multiple particulate reinforcements like hybrid MMCs is finding an increased application in aerospace, automobile, space, and transportation applications.

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