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A Review Paper on Compressed Air Car

Kabiraj Joshi, Mr Jahiruddin, Bhoop Singh


This paper is reports an experimental investigation of an engine driven by compressed air. The compressed air engine is modified from a 4-stroke working engine to 2 stroke working engine (power and exhaust) by modification of cam-gear system. The project was successfully manufactured and tested. Experimental result was carried out on this improvised engine to detect its performance competency like brake power, mechanical efficiency, indicated power, torque etc. It should be noted that pressure higher than that currently employed can result in increased engine performance in terms of output power, torque and speed. The main benefit of this engine is that no hydrocarbon fuel is needed that means no combustion process involve, thus the compressed air vehicle will play important role in reducing air pollution. Another benefit is that it uses air as fuel which is available abundantly in atmosphere. This study presents the atmospheric air in can be used in vehicles as the main or alternative source of power system.

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