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An Experimental Study on the Effect of Formability of Different Sheet Materials Using Limiting Dome Height Test

Nilesh Kumar Dubey, Praveen Kumar, Vaibhav Chandra


The objective of this experiment was to analyze the dome height for different types of material sheets. Limiting dome height (LDH) test is modified specimen tool for testing the formability of different materials in a double acting press under all stages of deformation. The LDH test equipment are composed of three parts namely die block, blank holder and hemispherical punch. The formability test conducted on grades of aluminium, brass, high tensile steel and galvanized iron (GI) sheets having same sheet thickness of 1.5 mm. The LDH value at maximum load (or near fracture) considered as the measure of formability. This test combines the influence of factors such as ductility, friction and work hardening into a single dome height value. Blank holding force calculated for different materials and applied during test. The result shows that the dome height is directly proportional to the formability. Brass material in the comparison of others shows the maximum formability in the result.

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