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A Review Study on Turbulence Equations Viscosity and Reynolds Stresses

Abhijeet Sinha, Ankita Sharma


A review study on computational fluid dynamic (CFD) is been engaged to study the heat transfer and Nusselt no. for a helical coil tube heat exchanger. The CFD analysis, it was assured that the two types of nanofluids were considered with water also to determine overall heat transfer rate and Nusselt no. for heat transfer. The study was carried out on a different mass flow rate ranging between 0.00418 and 0.0167 kg/s. After the when the comparison of study between water and other nanofluids it was observed: the CuO as a nanofluid could not transfer the desired heat and so it was not practically prepared and the nanofluid as Fe2O3 is efficient enough to transfer heat but water has a huge complexity in design, whereas the Fe2O3 as a nano fluid have overcome this problem.

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