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Painting is a process of applying paint on surface of any object or wall. Despite the advances in robotics and its wide spreading applications, interior wall painting has shared little in research activities. The painting chemicals can cause hazards to the human painters such as eye and respiratory system problems. Also the nature of painting procedure that requires repeated work and hand rising makes it boring, time and effort consuming. When construction workers and robots are properly integrated in building tasks, the whole construction process can be better managed and savings in human labour and timing are obtained as a consequence. In addition, it would offer the opportunity to reduce or eliminate human exposure to difficult and hazardous environments, which would solve most of the problems connected with safety when many activities occur at the same time. These factors motivate the development of an automated robotic painting system.
IR sensors are fitted to adjust the distance limits and maneuver in the room area. It is designed to guide the vertical motion of electric spray gun with the help of lead screw and electric motor. Also plan to move the base in horizontal direction.
The robot basically will be controlled by the Bluetooth signals being sent from the android application. So, the user will have the signal control through a standard android application.

Keywords: Robotics, Spray Painting, Safety, IR sensor, electric spray gun.

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