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Experimental Investigation of Optimum Injection Pressure for Ethanol-Biodiesel-Diesel Blend

arun kumar


Due to depletion of Conventional fuels, the alternative fuels namely biodiesel, diesohol have received much attention for power generation and transportation all over world. Unstable nature of Ethanol–Diesel blends led to study blends of Ethanol-biodiesel–diesel for stability. The blend with maximum permissible percentage of Ethanol for reasonable stability is selected for performance and emission studies in Single cylinder, 4-stroke, and water cooled stationary C.I. engine. It is found that a blend of 25% Ethanol, 15% Biodiesel and 60% Diesel is the most suitable for maximum replacement of Diesel. Engine performance under optimum injection pressure condition is investigated and it showed similarity in performance with diesel and emit reduced emissions.

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