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A Study on Design and Analysis of Digital Fuel Level Indicator Device Used in Two-Wheeler and Three-Wheeler

Praveen Kumar, Nitin Kumar, Ajeet Kumar, Lalit Kumar


Today in this digitized world we need a digital fuel level indicator device in two-wheeler and three-wheeler in automobiles, if the fuel indicator in the automobiles is also made digital it will help to know the exact amount of fuel available in the fuel tank. The above furnished fact is considered in our project and we found out a proper solution for indicating the accurate availability of fuel in the tank digitally. A liquid pressure transducer is used to find out the fuel level which is economic and also accurate. The added Feature in this fuel level indicator is that, the reserve condition is pre-informed to the user with an alarm, which helps to tune it to the reserve position before the engine stops and this helps to avoid knocking and engine damage. This project mainly concentrates about the indication of fuel level in irregular tanks (two-wheeler and three-wheeler tanks). Various other features like the distance covered, mileage obtained, can be added with this arrangement which explains the clear performance of the vehicle and the fuel used. We can also predict the time for refueling the vehicle and also to check the amount while fueling can be done in future. By using this digital fuel level indicator device, the amount of fuel available in the tank at any position of the vehicle is predicted. The calculation is based on the principle of liquid pressure through which the pressure of Vented fuel available in the tank is found out and the accurate amount of fuel in the tank is displayed on LCD in the scale of liters if is it full tank then ON alarm Beeps with sounds.

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