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Electric Bike

Shaiban Shakil Khatib


The main goal of the project is to develop a feasible yet very adaptable electric bike. The electric bike will run on clean power i.e., electricity with the flexibility to recharge the battery with the help of electricity or also with the help of solar energy which will dramatically reduce the cost of transportation and also save the environment from pollution. The design tools will be used in this process is SOLIDWORKS. It is a solid modelling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) tool by DDS. This software works over Microsoft powered systems and doesn’t support Mac operating system. As it is one of the most advance software available for designing, it consists various inbuilt tools to model the components in every perspective and also conducts extensive analysis in FEA on components. Simulation in solid works is easy-touse on structural analysis tools that runs FEA to foresee a products actuality and physical performance by virtual testing. It has capabilities to provide linear, non-linear, dynamic, etc. results. The electric bike gives a cleaner mode of travel for short to moderate distance in place of using a petrol or diesel driven automobiles. The price of crude oil/ petrol is increasing every day which is making transportation expensive for every common man/woman. This project is majorly focused on providing solution for everyday travel which will help the population save money and it also saves cost of road taxes in India. Electric bike has very distinctive features i.e., instant torque for quick acceleration, silent ride and the component makes very low noise, very low vibration, and low cost of maintenance. Such unique features make room for further innovation and to create technologically advance automobile.


Electric bike, Solid works, FEA, Simulation, Travel, Cleanser generation.

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