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A Review on Design and Development of Electric Weeder of 2 Blades

Sreejith Sreenivasan


Weed management is most important operation in agriculture. Weed is a plant that is unwanted in particular situation because it grows in wrong place. Weeds reduce the productivity of farm. Generally farmer use three types of weed control methods which include hand hoe, manual weeder and chemical weed control, but chemical weed control reduces the quality of soil. Hand hoe weed removing is conventional weeding method which is more time consuming to remove weed from field 1 labour takes around Rs. 300 for 6 hours. Manual weeder is also time consuming while pushing weeder it requires more power. To overcome this problem, we decided to make a battery operated an electric weeder which will be used to reduce human effort.


Battery, Motor, Weeding Blade, Field.

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