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Cleaning System for Drainage Automatically

Atharva Matkar


Automated Drainage water cleaning and control system using automatic machinery is a newer proposal to overcome the real time problems. This project report aims to replace the traditional concept of manual work in drainage cleaning by automatic system. In today’s modern day automatic drainage system is a significant role in the industrial systems and efficient system of waste disposal techniques from the industrial and the commercial sectors. Wastewater is characterized as the used water from residence, business organization, ventures, business practices and many more. These waters are subjected to the treatment plants by a precise system of funnels. Drainage pipes are used for the disposal and there is sometimes loss of human life on cleaning its blockages. Therefore, in order to overcome this problem as well as to save the life of human beings a new design implemented termed “Automatic drainage cleaning system.


Automated drainage, Drainage cleaning, Wastewater, Drainage pipes, Waste disposal.

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