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Mechanical Behaviour of Polymer Based Hybrid Composites: A Review

Nandkishor Sagar, Manish Billore


Many authors have paid their efforts for the development of polymer composite materials using many fillers as reinforcement and resin as matrix. These composites were found to have good mechanical properties and to play very significant role during different applications. The natural fibers are having many advantages like inexpensive, biodegradable, renewable, and environment friendly materials. Natural fibers are jute, kenaf, coir, areca, sisal, bamboo etc. Many researchers used these fibers in their research and developed a new polymer composite material.  In present scenario, the aim of new researchers is focussed to develop some advanced material to find rich mechanical properties and to achieve this, the idea of hybridization is being used in which two or more similar or dissimilar fibers in the same matrix are subjected to get the new unique material known as hybrid composites. Hybrid composite materials are very reliable and they produced rich mechanical properties in comparison with the individual one. The composites with hybridization have various applications in packaging industry, electrical sector, automobile, railways etc. The objective of this paper is to represent the review of different mechanical properties for hybrid composites with the use of reinforcement as natural fibers.


Hybrid composite, Natural fibers, Mechanical properties, Matrix, Reinforcement material.

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