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Vibration Analysis and Measurement—A Case Study

Dilip B Kulkarni


The operation of any plant should be smooth from the point of view of vibrations and noise. The plant generally has a lot of rotating machines rotating at various speeds. The vibrations cannot be eliminated totally due to various reasons like manufacturing limitations, alignment errors, balancing errors etc. ISO 10816 standard gives guidelines for acceptable limits of vibration, locations and directions of measurement etc. statistics shows 80% to 90% of vibration problems originate from unbalance. ISO 1940 standard gives guidelines for balancing procedure and grade. Apart from unbalance, many other reasons like misalignment, soft foot, and electrical causes like current and voltage unbalance can cause vibrations. It is very difficult to find out cause of vibration other than unbalance. There are various methods and diagnostic charts available to locate and correct the causes of vibrations. Mechanical resonance coupled with electrical shortage can give excessive vibrations. This is a case study of small hydro-power plant where mechanical resonance and coil short resulted in high vibration.

Cite this Article: D.B. Kulkarni. Vibration Analysis and Measurement – A Case Study. International Journal of Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis. 2019; 5(2): 17–23p.


Kaplan Turbine; generator mounting stool; frequency; Analysis; FE Model; Base Frame; Generator; vibrations; gear box

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