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Design and Buckling Analysis on Scissor Jacks of Cars: A Study

Makhtar Alreahe, Saad Kalfalla


Finite element analysis (FEA) is identified as finite element modeling. It is a computer-based numerical technique for calculating the strength and performance of engineering structures. It’s also used to calculate deflection, stress, vibration, buckling behavior and can be used to analyze either small or large-scale deflection under loading or applied displacement. Therefore in this research takes place on buckling analysis. Buckling analysis is a technique that use to determine buckling loads-critical loads, which a structure becomes unstable and buckled mode shapes the characteristic shape associated with a structure's buckled response. It can be said that the steps which are led to suddenly failure of mechanical materials in buckling designer by measure the stress and failure in this work.

Cite this Article: Makhtar Alreahe, Saad Kalfalla. Design and Buckling Analysis on Scissor Jacks of Cars: A Study. International Journal of Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis. 2019; 5(2): 24–36p.


Finite Element Analysis(FEA); buckling, buckling load factor(BLF); buckling Analysis; scissor jacks

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