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Impact of Electric Automobile on Environment Sustainability

Sheetal Mahendra Singh, Hritik Rajdev Kanojiya


Electric vehicles (EVs) have drawn considerable attention in recent years owing to its prospect in decreasing environmental emissions and operating expenses from the conveyance sector. Nevertheless, the temporal environmental and monetary advantages of substituting internal combustion engine conveyances (ICEVs) with EVs during the operation phase are vague. Every day we appear to see more and more in the media about EVs. We are apprised that they are the future, but are they? And if they are, should they be? Even if you believe you can afford an EV nowadays, should you scurry out and purchase one? It’s not that straightforward to nail, and you must ponder the benefits and drawbacks of owning an EV before deciding


Electric vehicles ,Electric Automobile,Batteries,lithium-ion cells

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