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Smart Floor Cleaning Machine Powered by Arduino

Raj Vishwakarma, Tushar Mandrah, Dileep Mourya, Yogesh Patel


A system that allows cleaning of the floor with the aid of a highly stabilised and quickly functionalized
electronic and mechanical control system is known as a "Arduino based smart floor cleaning robot." The
current research aims to employ a path memorizing machine for cleaning large floors in offices and homes.
A scrubber is continuously moved in relation to the floor surface to accomplish the cleaning task. A
propulsion system, such as powered wheels and guiding wheels for dry tracks , a vacuum pump for water
suction, and a scrubber that directs water towards the vehicle's rear end are all used during cleaning and
moving operations. For the advance sweeping of a floor surface covered in trash, it is preferable that a
sweeper mechanism be installed on the body advanced by the  mechanism controlled by specific system.
The revolutionary floor cleaner with path memorization will reduce labour costs dramatically in the future.
This product will be cost-effective and require no human control, which is its main advantage. Once
activated, it will sanitise the entire space without skipping any surfaces.


Arduino, Cleaning, Vacuum, Dry

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