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A Review on Design and Fabrication of Robotic Arm

Shubhaseesh Srivastava


This study discusses the design, analysis, development, and manufacture of a robotic arm for multimaterial sorting. The fact that the manufacturing industry is increasing at a higher rate than the rest of the economy is the key issue that motivates the project's start. The majority of the company's products are high-capacity robotic arms. Only a few companies manufacture lightweight, low-cost robotic arms. As a result, a low-cost, light-weight robot has been developed to address this problem. The body of the robotic arm was made of plastic, and an optical sensor was employed to enable basic recognition of the object to be carried. For overall operation, the robotic arm utilized five servomotors: four for joints and one for the gripping mechanism. Perspex was used to develop and build the gripper because of its light weight and great strength. The robotic arm's activity was guided by the Basic Stamp programming sequence, and the device was anticipated to distinguish between material and other things using reflection theory and then perform subsequent tasks. SolidWorks was used to create the robotic arm's detail design and to simulate the device's motion.


Robotic arm, Arduino Uno microcontroller, Potentiometers, Stanford arm, Robotic motion control.

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