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A Study on Multitasking Robot for Military Services

Ulka P. Ghosalkar, Chetana T. Baviskar, Shweta D. Gaware, Shraddha G. Panchal


There are multiple types of robot that are used in security, spying and other applications .A virtual artificial agent or electro-mechanical machine which can be guided through a program or electronic circuitry is called as ROBOT. In case for security, spying i.e. raw agency and other some areas involve a great risk and hence those tasks must be performed by robots. The proposed intelligent robot with camera and other special functions can be operated remotely for monitoring and controlling purpose. Android will be used as advance remote controller for the robot which will be connected through Bluetooth with android phone. The Android provide access to wide range of libraries that can be used to build rich applications and also includes full set of tools that provides high productivity and deep insight for the applications. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are open standard specification technology for radio frequency which is directly based on short range connectivity that helps in wireless communication. The data which will be received through Bluetooth in android smart phone is given as input to controller and hence controller will act accordingly.


Android application, PIR, MQ9, live streaming, metal detector

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