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Advances in Drone Technology and IoD Revolutionising Industries

Akshay Krishnan, Shubham Nagar, Venkatesh Donekal


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) are synonymous with drones and are used interchangeably; its many avatars having the same meaning. This paper covers how advancement in technology has enhanced the features of the drone in scope and scale to specific functions demanded across a spectrum of industries. By presenting a review of the application of drones as a cost-effective option, a variety of purposes in various industries is served as well. By using a host of sensors, vision system, and micro-controllers onboard coupled with IoT, the effectiveness of drones in collecting, analyzing, and providing data has increased multifold, upgrading existing usage and throwing open new avenues of applications. To alleviate the possibilities of the transport-related congestion and its consequences, developments in the Internet of Drones (IoD) architecture and system are studied for seamless operations, to manage the heavy traffic of drones envisaged in their airway paths, interconnections and nodal hubs for collision avoidance and safety, accident prevention and emergency measures. Traditionally, drones got inducted in combat operations for intelligence gathering and reconnaissance. This paper puts the drones and its wide-ranging application in terms of historical, current and future perspectives across sectors covering agriculture, natural habitats, construction, logistics, entertainment, healthcare, law enforcement, and disaster management; natural or manmade. COVID-19 has set a new norm globally and therefore drones need to be relevant to the changed environment and at the same time address newer challenges for wider acceptance.


Drone, UAV, UAS, Technology, IoT, IoD, AI

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