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Review on Low-cost Condition Monitoring Using Acoustics

Bhadane Aneeket Umesh


Low-cost condition monitoring is necessary for accuracy and safety of a gear mounted on shaft so that it can provide continuous data on working gears, shaft, and motor, which is recorded, and suitable maintenance can be planned. In present paper, low-cost condition monitoring of gears using acoustics have been presented. The merits of individual acoustic analysis techniques have been highlighted, and development of an experimental set-up to implement acoustic analysis has been described. The experimental results are obtained from the SIGVIEW Software using stroboscope, and tachometer is used for continuous monitoring. The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), Spectrum analysis for acoustic analysis while condition monitoring to confirm the results obtained from acoustic analysis is used. It has been found that during the running gears operation using low-cost condition monitoring based acoustic analysis is better during operation.


Acoustics analysis, spectrum analysis, time FFT, vibration analysis, visual inspection

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