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Modeling of Double-Pass Flat Plate Solar Air Heater with Porous Media

Rahul Mistry, Akshada Mule, Kalpesh Kurade, Sonal Padule


The double-pass solar collector with porous media in the lower channel provides a higher outlet temperature compared to the conventional double-pass collector without porous media. Therefore, the thermal efficiency of the solar collector is higher. A theoretical model has been developed for the double-pass solar collector. The porous media has been inserted to increase heat transfer, area density and the total heat transfer rate. Comparisons of the theoretical and the experimental results have been conducted. Such comparisons include the outlet temperatures and thermal efficiencies of the solar collector for various design and operating conditions. The relationships include the effect of changes in upper and lower channel depth on the thermal efficiency with porous media. Moreover, the effects of mass flow rate, solar radiation, and temperature rises on the thermal efficiency of the double-pass solar collector have been studied. In addition, heat transfer and pressure drop relationships have been developed for airflow through the porous media. The study concluded that the presence of porous media in the second channel increases the outlet temperature, therefore increases the thermal efficiency of the systems.

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