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Semi-automation in Cleaning the Automobile Air Filter

P. Sivasankaran, P. Chandru, M. Dhamodharan, Kishorekumar S., Vikraman S.


In today’s scenario we have automation everywhere even for the simple process and this project is to control the wastage of the used air filters in the automobile engines by cleaning the dust air filters which is an air intake system permanently removes foreign particles such as dust, dirt and soot from the intake air by maintaining the performance of the engine. In case of manual cleaning it has a chance of damaging the air filter pleated plates that also leads to the wastage instead of this we have chosen the semi automation technique. The concept of semi-automatic cleaning of the automobile air filters is just to safeguard the air filter from damages. Here, the dusted air filter is fitted in between the guider rods with a clamping arrangement which is connected with the square threaded rod that makes the air filter to move upward and downward for complete cleaning the top to end of the air filter. Here a compressor is used to get a compressed air that passes into solenoid valve and nozzle. The solenoid value supplies the compressed air to pneumatic cylinder setup that makes the left to right movement of the piston rod where the nozzle is placed at the end of it. In this paper attempt has been made to model the prototype of air filter set up using CATIA.


air filter, pneumatic cylinder, solenoid valve, square thread rod, guider rod, DC motor

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