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Steady State Availability Analysis For Steam Generation System Of A Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant

Subhash Malik, P. C. Tewari


The present paper deals with steady state availability analysis for a steam generation system of a Thermal Power Plant using the concept of Markov method. A steam generation system ensures aappropriate supply of steam for the proper functioning of a thermal power plant. The system consists of five subsystems i.e. High Pressure Heater,Economizer, Boiler Drum, Water Tubes and Super Heater.  The availability model for a steam generation system has been developed with the help of a probabilistic approach. The decision matrices are developed, which provide various availability levels for different combinations of failure and repair rates. The maintenance priorities are proposed on the basis of repair criticality for various subsystems.


Availability Model,Decision Matrices, Markov Method, Maintenance Priorities.

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