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Home Security Automation Using Solar Energy

Siddhant Kamble, Akash Narendra Salunke, Sagar Raghunath Lakhawade, Naresh Kheteram Choudhary, Nalini Deepthi


This project was chosen in order to satisfy the need of most reasonable and satisfy the need for more reasonable and feasible way to protect home, shop, industries from robberies etc. This idea is already existing but our concept is to optimize and reduce the cost efficiency and also way to increase the efficiency of output. The process of dictating and avoiding robberies is divided into three steps in this project, namely detection (using metal detector, magnetic sensor, motion sensor), Processing (Using some specific processer system for processing of gather information by various sensors, and finally Triggered the alarm systems. All this is provided with an ease of operability, by providing the complete control of system on user’s phone for safe and successfully detection and avoiding possibilities of robberies by the operator. This project involves application of principle of various field such as mechanical, electro-mechanics, electronics such as programming etc. combining the properties of various sensors with the electronic intelligence we have developed Alarm security system which will not only detect the robbers but also trigger the alarm and inform the house owner automatically. 


home security, solar energy, photovoltaic, electronics, metal detector.

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