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Design Optimization of Water Injection Module of Topside Facility of an FPSO

Vishnuraj K, S. Janardhanan, T. N. Sandeep


Analysis, design and construction of offshores structures are the most challenging tasks in the field of ocean engineering. This work presents a method of designing topside facility of an FPSO by considering all possible environmental loading along with the loading during transportation, lifting and placing. Of all the loads wave loading is the most prominent which has been estimated using a 3D computational fluid dynamics code based on finite volume method (FVM) and volume of fluid (VOF). Other major inputs such as wind load, live loads, equipment loads and loads during transportation have been estimated using rules of various classification societies combined with structural analysis using FEM. Estimated loads having been compared with analytical methods. Structural analysis yielded the dimensions of the bracings of the topside members as the design output. The calculated utilization ratios were well within the acceptable results.

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ABS MODU 3-1-2.

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