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Analysis of Fixed Offshore Platform Deck using Acceleration - Deflection Resonance Method

Temple Nwofor, I. Etafo


Steel plate is commonly used as the flooring plate for fixed offshore platform Deck and there are several existing methods for analyzing the steel plate. In this research acceleration-displacement resonance method is developed for analyzing plate. The plate is first analyzed considering arbitrary uniformly distributed and point load with an all-round simply support. The method involves transformation of bi-harmonic equation into acceleration- deflection ratio ( R_xx). From the study, the maximum deflection and maximum bending moment of simply supported plate of the deck subjected to uniform load were obtained to be 0.0040629 (qa^4)/D and 0.0483qa^2 . Considering Simply supported plate of the deck subjected to point load, the maximum deflection obtained was 0.00114 (Pa^2)/D , maximum moment given as 0.4628P and twisting moment obtained as zero. The study has shown that, the solutions of this method are exact and the method can be readily applied on plate problems involving offshore platform, aerospace, building, naval structures and roads.

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Offshore Oil and Gas Production Systems.


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