International Journal of Structural Mechanics and Finite Elements

International Journal Structural Mechanics and Finite Elements publish refereed papers in highest quality reflecting the interest of scholars in the academic and industrial research and development. Papers are sought especially keeping in mind that theoretical knowledge is as important as experimental research. The journal includes type of papers that fall under the scope of structural mechanics and finite elements.


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Vol 4, No 1 (2018)

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Table of Contents


Design Optimization of Water Injection Module of Topside Facility of an FPSO PDF
Vishnuraj K, S. Janardhanan, T. N. Sandeep 1-14
Numerical Study on the Effect of Ball Baffles in Reducing Sloshing Loads in Ship Tanks PDF
Jithu Sygal, S. Janardhanan 15-27
Analysis of Fixed Offshore Platform Deck using Acceleration - Deflection Resonance Method PDF
Temple Nwofor, I. Etafo 28-35
A Detailed Step-By-Step Procedure on Finding the Square Root of a 4 × 4 Positive Definite Symmetric Matrix for Engineering Applications PDF
Prediction of Hydro-dynamic Force Coefficients and Shedding Frequency during Vortex Shedding Behind a Stationary Cylinder PDF
Chandran Vidya, Sheeja Janardhanan, Sekar M 41-52