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An Algorithm for Estimation of Current Traffic for shortest path in Real Time

Disha Gupta, Unmukh Dutta


The shortest path problem (SPP) is particular of the majority principal what additional, important in combinatorial issue. SPP is an imperative issue in graph theory and has applications in conversation, transportation, and electronic issues. Here a different algorithm for comprehending SPP with their benefit, detriment, and application has been talked about, and actualizes an algorithm on the construct of current activity in light of street. Since all congenial are taking a shot at most brief way as it were. Be that as it may, ordinarily native most brief way don't work legitimately because of numerous rationale like activity issue and street blocking issue and numerous further describe real-time concern. To eliminate this real-time difficulty, we proposed an algo ‘An algo and interpretation of real-time shortest path according to ongoing on road’. According to this algo, we preserve discover the SP according to run on path at present instance. Therefore, we preserve accumulate the time of every kind of driver.

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