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Validating Effectiveness and Implementation of Lean in to Kinds of Industries from Microscale to Large Scale

Abhijeet Sinha, Subodh Singh


The aim of this paper is to analyze and evaluate the previous work related to lean and efficiency of lean implemented systems. This work also effort for analyzing the consistency of lean thinking in different field industry, execute and establish a relationship between lean and sustainable manufacturing or production of different types of products. Several frameworks are explored and discussed. Additionally, paper presents the impact of lean thinking on organizational internal learning system, continuous improvement. For continuity in improvement, there are various challenges in the industry like: chasing the targets, limitation of process capability, waste analysis and elimination like miss processing and waiting are type of manufacturing waste that frequently occurs, these challenges can be tackle through the lean functions. Suggested lean methodology dictates the value added activity that can be applied during the manufacturing/production/service process. For the purpose paper examines impact of lean to improve performance, relation and correlation, overlapping area, difference, integration and classification in reference of sustainability, collection of evidences suggesting that lean is beneficial to improve performance of different fields of industry.

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