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FEA Analysis of Automotive Brake Drum for Safety Frequency

Balaji Havaldar, Rachayya Arakerimath


The drum brakes are widely used than the other brake style. Braking power is obtained once the brake shoes area unit is pushed against the inner surface of the drum that rotates in conjunction with the shaft. Drum vibration has been studied by several researchers in a very type of ways, thanks to its importance and complexness since the first twentieth century. Requirements are not only in performance but also in comfort and serviceability, and the working lifetime is high and rising.
A model of drum is created in Unigraphix- NX10, and then it is imported in Ansys 17.2 for preparation. A modal analysis of a structure will be performed to predict the onset of drum brake instability. The brake system model is based on the model information extracted from finite element models for individual brake components. In this case study, the modal analysis of drum brake is carried out.

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