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Automatic High Beam Controller for Vehicles

Sumit Kumar, Narender Kumar


The number of vehicles on our roads is increased day by day. This is turn forced almost all this vehicle manufactures to think about the extra safety instruments and electronic controls to attach with these products for giving the users a safety derived in all road conditions through a heavy traffic. If asked, one should always mention that the right driving is very cumbersome due to the dazzling light problems and the frequent dipping of headlights by manual means that often causes fatigue to the driver particularly. Today, there are many accidents that cause from the beam light. Our work proposes an effective automatic control of the vehicle headlamps based on the detection of head lights and tail lights under night time road beam headlamp automatically whenever required. For safekeeping a motor vehicle in perfect control and reins of the driver, various types of controls and accessories are provided in an automobile around the driver’s seat, on the dashboard and at the footboard. Simply, an automatic high beam controller is a unit, which can automatically judge when the headlight beam needs to be lowered, and which dip the headlamp from which beam to a dipped beam. Our work proposes an impressive automatic control of the vehicle headlamps based on the sensing of head lights and tail lights under night time road conditions. This project is about to control high beam or low beam automatically.

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