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Development of Press Tool for Drawing Operation

R. Saravanan, S. Krishnaprasad


In today’s practical and cost-conscious world, sheet-metal parts have already replaced many expensive cast, forged, and machined products. The reason is obviously the relative cheapness of stamped, or otherwise mass-produced parts, as well as greater control of their technical and aesthetic parameters. That world slowly turned away from heavy, ornate, and complicated shapes, and replaced them with functional, simple, and logical forms. The present research work deals with the design and manufacturing of press tool for producing handle. Design includes design of various parts of the press tool. The main aim of this work is to perform feasibility study of the drawing operation for producing handle as per design provided on the stainless-steel grades 201 and 304L. The study has designed and manufactured the press tool required for performing the drawing operation.


Press tool; punch; die; drawing operation

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R. Saravanan, S. Krishnaprasad. Development of Press Tool for Drawing Operation. International Journal of Machine Design and Manufacturing. 2019; 5 (1): 1–4p.



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