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K. Sangeetha, S. G. Siddharth, S. Paramasivan, M. Ramya


The proposed system detects camshaft on the mounting frame using image processing. The picture of the camshaft is taken and using LabVIEW vision & motion tool, the defects of the camshaft is detected and hence the quality of the camshaft is analysed. Currently the camshaft at the final stage of the manufacture are analysed manually and depend on manual visual analysis for the detection. This method is time consuming and requires more manual labour and hence affects production cost. The project method that we propose cuts the production times and every industrial time is translated into money and hence helps to increase productivity and profit. This system solely depends on LabVIEW for detection and quality analysis. This system is not throw to regular wear and tear the reliability of the system is very good as the proposed system does not have any moving parts. The installation of the system is also cost effective.

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