International Journal of Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis

International Journal of Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis is concerned with the recent advancement in mechanical dynamics and analysis. Both experimental and theoretical papers are welcome, journal also publish editorial reviews, short communication and comparative data analysis in the related fields of mechanical dynamics. The focus of the journal is on various aspects of the matter, structural and network dynamics, as well as the practical aspects of the theory and application of the research.


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Vol 4, No 2 (2018)

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Table of Contents


Design, Development and Testing of Automobile Spoiler PDF
Sai Krishna Pabba, Paul Satwik, Raj kumar E. 1-12
A Review on steel production and development of Steelmaking Technologies PDF
Ramesh Rudrapati, Migbar Assefa, Ersame Damtaw, Yeabsira Assege, Feven Asrat 13-20