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Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Working on Biodiesel with Different Blends

Ch. Mani Kumar, K. Daniel, K. Naga Suresh


Internal combustion engine plays important role in vehicles. These engines are operated by conventional fuels (diesel). Diesel is a one of the nonrenewable energy source for IC engines. Due to usage of diesel, pollutions of engine will be increased and diesel will be exhaust. To avoid the above said problems bio diesel will gives the solution. Biodiesel is one of the alternative fuels in universe. This paper determines the performance and emissions of an engine. In this regard took neem oil methyl esters(NOME) as blend. The test was conducted on four stroke single cylinder water cooled diesel engine at different parameters. The test was carried out at different fuel bends (N10, N15, N20, N25 and N30) and constant speed with varying loads. At the above parameters performance and emissions of the engine was found out. The best results were obtained at N20 blend and in addition to improve the combustion, DEE – diethyl ether added 1% volume ratio to the N20 blend. Again, the test was carried out on the same engine and same parameters with modified blend.

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