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A Work Study on Forging Processes and Its Various Defects

Rahul Kumar, Nitin Jain, Krishan Kanhaiya


The aim of this review paper is to investigate the forging defects and mainly to understand different forging processes. A brief description about classification of forging process on the basis of temperature of work piece (hot, cold, and warm forging) and on the basis of arrangement of dies is given. Die design parameters, die material requirements and selection of proper die materials are briefly discussed. Also, briefly described the forging equipments (hammer and press). Components for assortment of forging machine, distinguishing and ordinary use of forging are given. Forging fault, those are continuously occurring are discussed along with their causes and remedies. Then the fish-bone diagram is used to explore the possible causes of defects like unfilling, mismatch and scale pits through a brainstorming session and to determine the causes, which may have the greatest effect. Finally, it is concluded that the forging process gives better quality product than the part produced by any other processes with implementation of preventive actions to reduce the rejection rate.

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