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Effect of Secondary Air Injection in Redesigned Exhaust Pipe of Two-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine

Harshad Fargade


The emission produced by two-stroke internal combustion engine is not under the limits of vehicle emission norms mentioned by pollution department. An experimental study was performed for more fundamental understanding of effect of secondary air injection on exhaust emissions of two-stroke cycle engine during cold starting period by redesigning the exhaust pipe. The pressurized secondary air is injected in the newly designed exhaust pipe near the exhaust port with the help of separate single cylinder two-stage compressor and nozzle. The effects of different operating conditions were investigated. The amount of HC, CO and CO2 measured with the help of exhaust gas analyzer. The study found that significant reduction in exhaust unburnt HC and CO due to injection of pressurized atmospheric air in redesigned exhaust pipe. The change in design of exhaust pipe with secondary air injection reduced HC, CO and CO2 emissions by 62.77%, 39.285% and 17.129% respectively in idling condition. In full acceleration condition, HC, CO and CO2 emissions reduced by 70.12%, 72.17% and 9.52%, respectively.

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